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How to Roll a Rug - Fluff Designs - www.rentfluff.comFor many years now, Fluff has been working with the same local movers. Having such a great relationship with them, we get some inside tips and tricks from the moving trade. Here is one we wanted to share with you:

We are constantly moving area rugs to and from locations. We have always rolled them around an old shipping tube to maintain the shape. Upon unrolling them, we always get a lip that sticks up. We have to roll them the reverse way so that it lays flat and doesn’t warp.

One of our movers, Dave, had a great solution for this!

Fold the edge of the rug over about 18 inches and then roll it up. It’s such a simple solution but it works wonders!

Click to watch a video on it!

How to Roll a Rug Video - Fluff Designs

And trust us, we roll a lot of rugs in a day…

How to Roll a Rug - Fluff Designs -

Thank you to Dave for the tip! We hope you can use this trick yourself. Do you have any simple solutions for moving issues?

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  1. Like this a lot! Thank you! Would have never thunk it, but glad someone else did.

  2. Erica Houston says:

    Thanks for your comment, Eliie! We love easy tips like this that make our lives easier 🙂

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