5 Easy DIY’s in 1 Afternoon

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We love the idea of easy DIY’s that you can complete in an afternoon. We searched Pinterest and pulled our top 5 favourite projects to complete this weekend.

Chalkboard Planter Easy DIYChalkboard Planter

What a great way to transform you patio space! With a simple upgrade you can add interest to your planters, and organize your herbs or flowers. With a quick coat of chalkboard paint, your planters are upgraded. We think this would be great to leave notes for a plant caretaker while you’re out of town! You can leave messages like, “Water twice a week, water daily” so on, so forth.

Painted Mason Jar Easy DIY

Painted Mason Jars

We’ve always loved the look of painted Mason jars but always thought it would be a big project. Turns out we’re wrong! With just a simple coat of acrylic paint these jars are transformed to a great centerpiece vase or candle holder. Once the paint has dried, use a nail file to rough away some spots for an antique look. The colour possibilities are endless! We are thinking lilac and white for our next tabletop.

Reclaimed Wood Table DIY

Reclaimed Wood End Table

We love working with reclaimed wood pieces here at Fluff. We’ve done many projects with palettes and wanted to find another project to try with wood. This is such a simple and fast project yet it looks so professional! The legs can be found at any local hardware store. There are many leg options to choose from, straight modern chrome legs, white wood, coloured metal hairpin legs like in the image above. This is just a cute piece from a tree trunk, but anything could be used. We like the idea of using a more rugged shaped piece of wood.

Washi Tape Organization DIY

Washi Tape – 4 projects in one

We love washi tape. Love, love, love. We couldn’t think of one project to show for washi tape, so we posted our top 4 favourites which are all quick! Spruce up cleaning bottles with a strip of washi tape. We love the floral, but you could use metallic, polka dotted, and chevron patterns to add some huzzah to the cleaning process.

Another genius solution (that we cannot wait to try) is labelling cords and wires around a desk with some tape. How many times have you reached behind your desk to find a cord and can’t sort out which cord goes where, does what, does anything!? This is a thirty second project that we believe will drastically affect your life.

Another quick fix is the tape on a key top. When your keychain is full of house keys, car keys, work keys, it can get confusing. With a simple piece of printed tape, you can easily decipher which key goes where.

Lastly, we think the washi tape magnets are great! They add some interest to a boring fridge, and make to-do lists look a lot more agreeable. We think someone should make washi tape with smiley faces printed on it. That would certainly support the completion of a list of tasks to complete.

Gold Dipped Feathers Easy DIY

Glitter-Dipped Feathers

This project is my personal favourite, because I am addicted to glitter

We think these would look great in a vase, or hanging on a wall, or laying on a tray in a bathroom. It is a quick project. Simply buy feathers from local craft store, dip the tips in gold paint, then place in a dish of glitter while the paint is wet, and let dry!

We're all out of glitter!

We hope you enjoy our top picks for DIY’s this weekend. These 5 simple projects could all be completed in an afternoon. Send us photos of your finished projects!

Jordan, Designer + Textiles~ Jordan, designer & textiles

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