5 Tips for Improving Your Interior Photography

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Here at Flüff, some of our staff are avid photographers. We love capturing our final projects or Vancouver’s beautiful cityscape.

Photographing interior spaces can be simple with a few quick tips anyone can do. Even if you only have a point and shoot camera, you can still get amazing images if you follow some basic guidelines.

We thought we’d share our top 5 tips for photographing interior spaces.    Interior Photography Tips

1. Utilize the natural light

  • Always use natural light when it’s available.
  • If it’s not available, use the lamps to light the rooms, and use external lights (flash) to fill the shadows.

2. Keep balanced lighting

  • Eliminate harsh shadows or highlights in an image.
  • Make sure to meter the light of the midtone in the room! You can do this on most cameras by pressing the shutter button half way down before taking the photo. If the light is metered in a bright spot, the whole image will be exposed incorrectly.

photography-leading-lines3. Leading lines

  • Make sure the main lines in the room, ie wall corners, wall paneling, long-hanging pendant lines, are perfectly vertical.
  • If the lines of the room are crooked in the photograph, it will skew the image.


4. One word – TRIPOD

  • No matter how experienced of a photographer you are, always shoot on a tripod.
  • You may capture a seemingly perfect shot of a room, but it may be out of focus once you look at it on a larger computer screen.

photography-iso5. Check your ISO

  • Interior shots should always be crisp, and not look over-edited.
  • Aim to shoot at ISO 200 if you’re unsure where to start.
  • If it’s bright and naturally lit, this will be perfect.
  • The shutter speed will slow down a bit if it’s darker lit. But this shouldn’t be an issue if your camera is mounted on a tripod.

If you’re wanting to learn more, we have 2 upcoming photography workshops at the Studio at Flüff.

For more information on our workshops, visit www.studiofluff.com. Join our community!

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