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Since most people today have their phones within arms reach at all times, we wanted to share some of our top fun app pics for your phone. We hope you have a chance to try some of these out! Let us know what you think of them. What are your favourite apps? Leave a comment below.

Bamboo Paper App


Bamboo Paper, the company who make great art tablets, created an app for all operating systems. It turns your device into a notebook. You can sketch, draw up notes, anything you could do in a physical notebook you can do in this app! We love this app!



iHandy Level is a convenient app that allows you to have a bubble level at your fingertips without the hassle of carrying one around. It’s free and available for iPhones. It can even be used for hanging artwork in your house. Our top fun apps from Fluff - Matter


Matter is an app for iPhones that allows the creator to add geometric shapes and designs to their existing images. It even adds in realistic shadows to create a 3D look! You can also add the 3D shapes to videos. It creates a unique look without using heavy filters.

Lingualy AppLEARNING is a great app that helps you learn a new language. Instead of teaching phrases that aren’t very useful, it will have you read articles in the language. You can select any word you come across that you don’t know and it will teach you it. You can also play games or use the apps flashcards to help you learn the words you get stuck on. It’s available on android and iOS.

Eventacular App


In the summer there’s always a ton of events, from weddings, to music festivals, to summer barbeques. It’s hard to keep track of them all. Eventacular is an app that lets you store events and reminders and use countdown clocks to the event. We think this is a fun way to count down to a holiday, or to put pressure on to budget for something!

Let us know what your favourite apps are. Leave a comment below!

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