Children’s Art Gallery Wall DIY

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My little girls LOVE art projects of all kinds. One of the struggles as a parent is what to do with all this art!?

We originally had their art projects taped to the wall using washi tape. It looked cute but just very messy. I wanted something simple yet cute and a bit more polished for displaying their beautiful projects.

I decided to create an art gallery wall using picture frames. Jordan, my girls and I headed for the local thrift store and loaded up on old picture frames.

I chose 2 larger frames – one for each of my girls – to use as the feature frames. This way, each of my girls could highlight their larger art pieces. I chose various sizes of smaller frames to outline around the bigger frames.
Children's Art Gallery DIY
Here’s how I did it:

1) I removed all the previous artwork and glass from the old picture frames.
2) I cleaned the surfaces of the picture frames with a damp cloth.
3) I used a light sandpaper to scuff up the surfaces of the frames hoping it would help the paint to stick better.
4) I picked up 4 cans of white spray paint at Canadian Tire.
5) Brought the frames outside, placed them on cardboard and sprayed a few coats of paint so the black of the previous frames was hidden.
6) Planned where I wanted the frames to go on my wall and hammered in the nails.
7) I used a hot glue gun to adhere the large clothes pin (found at Michael’s Craft Stores) to the picture frames.
8) Hung up the frames & clipped artwork on to the clothes pins.
final art wall 2

Children's Art Gallery Wall DIY
Voila! I’m VERY happy with the final result! Each of my girls chooses which pieces to display and change them whenever they bring home something that they like more than what is up there already.

I’m planning on adding a clothesline with wire at the bottom to clip more art projects on as I just can’t keep up with all the beautiful pieces that are created in this house!

What are your creative solutions for displaying children’s art? Please share in the comments below!

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