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We all like to increase the efficiency within our homes. However, this can sometimes be a costly endeavor. We have compiled some of our favourite DIY’s to improve things around your home. We love that these DIY’s still look professional and not too crafty.

1) Easy storage for Small Items

The Ikea Grundtal collection is a great way to set up a station for craft supplies, kitchen utensils, bathroom product storage and more. The pieces are inexpensive and have endless configurations. We love that it’s streamlined and polished looking and it works in any area of the home!

DIY Home Improvements - Fluff Designs

2) Tension Rod for Increased Storage Room

We love the idea of using a tension rod to get some vertical space underneath cabinets. This is great for the bathroom and kitchen where there can be awkwardly designed cupboards.

DIY Home Improvements - Fluff Designs

3) Storing Bed Sheets

Genius idea! Store sheet sets inside the matching sham to easily spot the linens. They look nice enough to display like this, or to tuck away in a linen closet.

DIY Home Improvements - Fluff Designs

4) Shoe Organizer for Cleaning Supplies

Store cleaning supplies in a shoe organizer is a so smart! Instead of hogging space in a cupboard, hanging them inside a closet frees up a lot of extra space.

DIY Home Improvements - Fluff Designs

5) The Chip Clip

The chip clip – YES! Who knew there could be a purpose for the frequently broken plastic hangers. We love this idea for storing foods and keeping them fresh!

DIY Home Improvements - Fluff Designs

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We hope these ideas help improve your home. We sure can’t wait to try these. Do you have any tips for organization DIY’s for the home?

Jordan, Designer + Textiles~ Jordan, designer & textiles

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