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Sometimes there are unsightly eyesores around the home that you just can’t prevent.

We’ve pulled our favourite solutions to these common issues.

1) Hiding a Router

– Remove the pages from an old book and hide the router inside.
– Add accessories for a complete look!

Hiding a Router

Found on: Apartment Therapy

2) Electrical Tape Washer/Dryer Update

– Create a design with electrical tape such as the stripes or dots seen here.
– It’s completely removable and doesn’t leave a residue (unless you choose the black colour, you will need to use a little bit of Goo Gone to remove it).

Washer Dryer update

Found on: A Beautiful Mess

3) Fridge Wallpapering

– Use temporary or permanent wallpaper options to change the front of your fridge!
– There are hundreds of patterns available in Tempaper, which is easily removed.

Easy home upgrades for your home - Fluff Designs

Found on: Aunt Peaches

4) Painted Pegboard

– Use stencils to paint a pattern onto pegboard.
– Attach the peg board to the wall to upgrade a room.


Found on: Orgaizing Made Fun

5) Hanging Clothing Rack

– Attach 2 hooks from the ceiling.
– Attach rope to large wooden dowel and hang from hooks.

hanging rack

Found on: Apartment Therapy

6) Stainless Steel Appliance Upgrade

– Use stainless steel contact sheet.
– Apply piece to appliance of choice for an update look.

stainless dishwasher

Found on: JulieBlanner.com

We love these quick and effective tips and tricks for your home. Do you have any advice for home solutions around the home? Share in the comments below.
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