Quick Tips: Fixing Furniture Scratches

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Here at Fluff, things can occasionally get scratched in moves. We have tested multiple ways of fixing furniture scratches and want to share our tips with you!

1- Apply a layer of a tinted wax product, such as oil crayons, to the scratch. This helps to fill in light scratches, and sometimes is enough to colour the scratch.


2 – Use a coloured marker, such as a sharpie, to further cover the scratch. We find the best way to apply this is letting a layer of marker air dry for a few seconds then wipe it into the scratch to create an even application.


3 – Although we haven’t tried it, we think using oil paint to fill bigger dings in the wood would work perfectly. It takes longer to dry but is thick enough to fill the gap, and comes in a wide array of colours. Once completely dry, applying a layer of marker on top would create a smoother texture.

QuickTips:Fixing Furniture Scratches

We hope you like these tips, and can transform all your furniture pieces.

Jordan, Designer + Textiles~ Jordan, designer & textiles

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