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If there’s one thing that we all work towards, it’s simplicity in our busy, technology-filled lives. We think it’s great to embrace technology and use it as an organizational tool rather than a distraction.  We have tested out a program/app that we think is the answer to this. You can simplify your life with Bloglovin’.

We cannot say enough good about this program. You follow all of your favourite blogs and it brings you a daily feed in one place.  You can view the posts in a feed, or you can view the posts organized by the blog that posted it (ie. can click Fluff Designs and it will show all the unread posts.


You can also see your read posts in case you accidentally unliked a post and can’t find it. Another great function is you are able to “like” posts and have them saved under the “liked posts” section to review later.

It has a great area to explore new blogs, and has a weekly newsletter that sends you things you would ACTUALLY be interested in reading. We love the fact you can use it on your computer, but the smartphone app is amazing and so user-friendly!


Whether you follow multiple blogs, or just one, we think this app is an amazing way to simplify your life. Have you tried Bloglovin’ yet?

Jordan, Designer + Textiles~ Jordan, designer & textiles

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