Pantone Lucite Green

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For our first feature colour, we are showcasing PANTONE Lucite Green (14-5714). It’s a light and refreshing green, with a minty flavour to it. Chantal chose to play with some tone on tones in this vignette, and wanted to keep Lucite Green the focus of the overall design.
 Pantone Lucite Green
She added a large black vase to add a bit of contrast to all the green, blue, silver, and white pieces in the space. Her main inspiration was furniture and graphic design from the 1950’s and 1960’s. She brought this in through the use of mid-century modern inspired pieces. Each piece is available for rent or purchase at Fluff, including the fun Bandit pillows! Pillows are an easy way to bring in a new colour to your home for the new year.
How would you introduce Lucite Green into your home?


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