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In this busy world, it’s important to simplify what we can. We compiled a list of the 3 top apps to organize your life.


Trello is the most amazing app to organize projects, whether they are big or small. It allows you to see all of your projects going on, in one place.

You are able to create a single board, or multiple boards, with all of your projects. Within a board you can set up multiple “lists” and within the lists you can add “cards”.

For example, you could create a board for a home renovation. Within the board you could create lists like “inspiration”, “to-do”, or “backsplash examples”. A card would be a photo of a backsplash under the “backsplash examples” list.

You can drag and drop cards into different lists. You can also add people to the board and set up notifications to keep the project cohesive!



Key Ring:

We recently discovered this app, and it has been a lifesaver! Key Ring allows you to save all of your rewards memberships on your phone so you can scan your phone in the store instead of having to carry around the pesky cards.

It has other great features too! There are coupons for over 15,000 retailers! You can also make shopping lists on the app, a great way to stay on task in a store.

Key Ring

Mind Mup:

Mind Mup is a great free app which allows you to create elaborate mind maps on a single page. You can make different coloured boxes to organize the map – which is great for us visual learners! It’s very user friendly and easy to use. You can save, share, and print the file as well!


Have you tried these apps yet?

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