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We’ve recently been introduced to an interesting company called “BC Modern Home Systems Inc”, founded by Gaia and Rob Mueller. They have designed efficient, cost effective, mid-century modern homes, called the Axium Series.


What the heck are prefab homes anyway!? Prefabricated homes that have components created beforehand and assembled onsite later. They are generally much lower in price to build, as factories can mass produce the components for the homes. Prefab homes are most suited to modern linear style homes, they are much faster to create and assemble.


This series designed by BC Modern have low construction costs, as low as $250/sq. ft finished. Their first show home is now being constructed in Kelowna. We can’t wait to tour it this summer.


patti-150x150~ Patti, Owner

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  1. Jay says:

    Great post Patti! Can’t wait to see this as well.

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