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One big trend we’ve seen surfacing lately is hex tiling. It has a vintage feel, but we’ve seen some great modern options done in marble or bright white stone. Here’s a look at our favourite examples of hex tiling:

Oversized TilesHex1

We love this oversized hex tile! It’s such a wonderful modern update on a classic style. The grey looks amazing with the wood tones. It creates a clean, bright feel for the space. We like the use of different coloured tiles on the wall and floor in the right image.

Marble TilesHex2

Here at Fluff, we’re fans of the marble trend that is happening right now with interiors. We think the kitchen is a perfect place to use marble tiling. A hex backsplash adds interest without being too distracting. The multiple tones in the marble can be pulled out in finishings like cupboards and trimming.

Unexpected DesignsHex3

If you’re willing to go bold, these two spaces are the perfect inspiration! The patterned tile on the left is amazing! Filled with tons of graphic interest, this home office space is sure to inspire some great work. We love the colour pairing in the right image.  The design is minimal, yet this space has so much interest!

Blue ColouredHex4

This blue hex tile is so distinctive! The left image incorporates the oversized hex tiling that we love so much, plus it’s in a punchy blue colour. We think this would pair nicely with a pale orange colour as well. The tile in the right image has so many colours within it; the possibilities are endless for colour schemes. And the space could be revamped so easily!

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