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We were inspired by our last post on How to Style a Desk, and wanted to expand on styling a home office. We think this space is so crucial in the home. It’s a place for productivity, where work gets done, and things get organized. Here’s our favourite home office inspiration, and why it works.

 Add GreeneryGreenery

A touch of nature is the best way to instantly brighten up a space. Plants and flowers break up the mental clutter and remind you to smile when working! We love scented flowers like freesia’s, or a collection of cacti.

Add Colourcolour

Whether you add it to a wall, or through furniture and accessories, colour is the best way to create an inspiring space. These images have calming, subdued colours which lend to a productivity. We also think bright, cheery colours are a great choice. Make sure to not use more than 2 or 3 colours, as it will look distracting.

Add QuotesQuote

Why not add some inspiration through the use of graphic quotes! Choosing a motivational quote keeps you on track and fired up to get things done! There’s endless options on Etsy for prints like these.

Inspiration WallInspo wall

Being a visual person, I love to have physical images and magazine tears that inspire me for future projects. With my background in fashion design, visual art, and photography, I am constantly ripping inspiration images out of print publications. I often times collect items from retail stores like gift card enclosures, information brochures, and take-away menu’s…I’m a sucker for typography and graphics! This is a great way to create a collection within those images. Choose a colour theme to create a look that is clean looking.

We hope these ideas help you with styling your home office space. What’s one item you can’t live without on your desk? Mine’s my favourite black pen and notebook for jotting down ideas!

Jordan Feature~ Jordan, Textiles & Marketing

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