How to Style a Kitchenette

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These days it seems new homes are getting smaller and smaller. Instead of fighting this, we think it’s important to embrace these smaller spaces and find creative solutions. One solution is creating compact kitchenettes! Here’s how to style a kitchenette, from the team at Fluff:


Utilize the space you have! Instead of putting large cabinets in, think of using vertical space. Use bar carts and vertically stacked shelves to store dishes and pantry items. This layout works because it has a cozy, yet spacious feel. Adding glass will make the space feel open . The sheepskin rug softens the space and adds texture. The wall tapestry adds colour and interest to the small space. The chairs and cart match the colours tapestry to create cohesion.


We love the idea of using wallpaper in a small space as many prints can busy, like this floral! We love this marquee sign, it has the same industrial feel as these chairs. The retro white table looks polished and brightens up the space. And, of course, adding greenery adds some freshness.Kitchenette2This is a great layout option for an open kitchen space. Using a bench seat against a wall utilizes the space really well. Adding a pile of patterned pillows on top softens the space. The art prints are colourful without being too distracting. The mid-century table is a great piece and there are many options on the market right now, vintage or new. We love these teacup floral arrangements, and the over-sized floor plant!

We hope these tips were helpful for styling a kitchenette. What tips and trick do you have for these small spaces?

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