Pantone Glacier Grey

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This week for our Pantone colour report, we wanted to try a rustic influenced style, with Fluff’s modern edge. Pantone Glacier Grey has a cool edge, but we wanted to warm it up in this living room vignette.


Layering multiple neutral colours and textures creates interest and depth within a space. Here’s how we did that:

  • The rug picked up the multiple colours in the wood
  • The stitching on the pillows matches the rug
  • The fur pillow adds texture and interest
  • The art piece ties all the pieces together
  • The chrome table adds a polished touch to this rustic look

We remember a great phrase Stacey and Clinton used to say on TLC’s, “What Not to Wear”: Colour, Texture, Pattern, Shine. This works for fashion, and for interiors! For instance, this look plays with colour by mixing in the multiple tones. The texture is added with the fur pillow and throw. The pattern is the striped rug, and the shine is the chrome table! If you take into account these 4 design elements, your space is sure to look polished and cohesive.

Jordan Feature~ Jordan, Textiles & Marketing

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