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We love the idea of throwing themed dinner parties and get-together’s. With the flood of inspiration images on media outlets like Instagram and Pinterest, we think this task is getting easier and easier! We’ve pulled our favourite images for table setting ideas, and recreated them with the Fluff touch.

1. Unexpected Element


We think table settings can have really fun elements like in these images. The bow ties are super unique and the animals are an easy and affordable DIY.

Fluff’s take

Unexpected – Fluff

We love this graphic table setting! The unexpected bird adds interest to the setting.

2. Clean & Simple


Clean and simple table settings are always a great choice. The classic, fresh feel is suited to the dining area – a place where delicious, fresh food will be consumed!

Fluff’s Take

Clean – Fluff

We love the rustic, yet minimal, feel of this setting. The mix of neutrals – white, cream, brown, adds depth to the simple look. The sprig of rosemary adds a soft element to the setting, and is likely already in the home.

3. Bright & Colourful


We love how these settings used colour. The left uses just a touch of colour which has such impact. The right uses multiple colours, but looks cohesive because of the green running through all of the elements.

Fluff’s Take

Colour – Fluff

We went quite bold with our rendition! We think that mixing colours is easy once you learn how to do it like a pro. Choosing colours in the same tonal family is essential. Fox example, if you are mixing 3 colours, they all have be pastel, or all neon, or all jewel-tone. This will make the look seem cohesive, and not scattered!

4. Touch of Floral


This is such an easy way to set a table. By choosing flowers and greens for the centerpiece, you can pull sprigs off from that and use them on the plating! The natural element softens the look.

Fluff’s Take

Simple – Fluff

We kept all the pieces in this table setting white to create a simple, clean look. We added a sprig of flowers and think a centerpiece full of these flowers and greens would look amazing!

We hope these images gave you some ideas for table settings! Which look do you prefer most?
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