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We love staging and styling bedrooms here at Flüff! It’s a space full of cozy textiles, and houses a welcoming atmosphere. The team have been brainstorming ways to create updated bedrooms. We’ve pulled our top images to inspire you on styling your bedroom!

Layers upon Layers


We love the look of a lived-in space for bedroom decor. You can achieve this feeling through layering different textiles on the bed, and on nearby furniture. The left image uses a sheepskin, which adds interest to a monochromatic colour scheme. The right image uses a soft throw and a pile of pillows to build interest. We also like the mix of different patterns!

Colour Play


We love the soft colours in these bedrooms! We’re seeing a lot of minimal, Scandinavian-inspired spaces right now. We love this style, but we also like seeing rooms that play with colour and textures like these spaces. The colour mix on the left work great together.  They are all washed-out in tone, which makes the look feel cohesive. The middle look is great! Using an oversized throw as a summer-weighted bed cover is genius. We think the room in the right image adds depth through the use of different shades of pink, without having to use multiple colours in one space.



Choosing to style a space in a monochromatic style can be tricky. There is a delicate line between creating a neutral space and a boring space. The image on the left has great accessories like the randomly-hung art, and the textural throw. The image on the right has great elements as well, like the dip dyed cushion, the unique light fixture, and the light wood bed base.

Textiles with Interest


The bedroom is a space in the home where fun, bold textiles can be used! We love the printed duvet cover on the left. It is Moroccan-inspired, but has lots of modern elements which we love. The middle Navajo-style cover is so versatile as it could be used in a modern space, or rustic one. We love this refreshing, colourful, crocheted throw on the right! It adds a perfect pop of colour to the bedroom. We think it looks great to keep a space mostly neutral and let the textiles speak for themselves. There are tons of fun options on the market right now, and it’s an affordable way to switch up the way a room looks without changing tons of things.

Bedside Tables


We love the idea of a bedside table not being a table at all! Repurposing old stools and ladders is an easy and affordable way to create a side table. Adding a lamp to a stack of books is a great way to save on storage space, and add something unexpected to the space.  And, if you need more space, you can install a swing! Although this wouldn’t work in every space, we think it’s a really fun idea and why not try it!?

We hope these images inspire you to tweak the bedroom space in your home. Do you have any styles you’re drawn to for updating bedrooms?

Jordan Feature~ Jordan, Textiles & Marketing

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