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We live by a simple manifesto here at Fluff: Colour, Texture, Pattern. With these three things in mind, your home will look cohesive and polished. Here’s how to use this in your home:


There are many ways to bring colour into the home. The easiest way is through bright textiles, like pillows, rugs, and throws. This is an affordable way to update the look of a room, and to play around with trends too!

Wallpaper is another great way to add colour to a space. There are many options for temporary wallpaper now and it’s easy to install! This can be a bit pricey, but we think it looks great! It’s a good option for a smaller space, like a bathroom, as it won’t take as much wallpaper.



We think it’s so important to mix multiple textures in a room as it creates depth and interest. For example, you could use a cowhide rug, with a thick woven fabric sofa, velvet and faux fur pillows, and a soft knit throw. This keeps the eye interested and balances out an entire space. This can look especially great while working with a single colour, like all-white! This creates a minimal, fresh look to a space.



Pattern is the number one thing to consider for adding interest to a space. We love mixing multiple patterns together, so long as you keep it within a specific colour scheme!  A bright floral print can look great with a bright polka dot, a chevron, and stripe! A space can be transformed to have a fun, youthful personality with the use of many prints. It can look more neutral and mature if choosing herringbone, houndstooth and striped prints in a neutral colour palette.


We think these three simple steps are key for creating a well designed home. What tips and tricks do you use??

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