Interior Staging and Interior Styling: What’s the difference?

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Here at fluff we offer a multitude of services, two of which are interior staging and interior styling. The names are similar, and there are lots of commonalities between the two. We thought we would share the difference with our readers.

Interior Staging

  • Who: home owner, realtor
  • What: our teams of designers pick items for a home for sale on the market
  • Why: faster sale time, increases sale amount, helps a buyer envision what to do with spaces in the home


Interior Styling

  • Who: home owner, someone temporary relocating
  • What: our teams of designers pick items for your home that are suited to your lifestyle, design taste, and needs
  • Why: creates a home you love to live in, fast and painless process so you can enjoy your home, we can order straight from suppliers so it’s more affordable than shopping retail yourself

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Many registered interior designers offer both interior staging, and interior styling services. Both are great options for creating a balanced, well-designed home, in a quick and effortless manner. We hope this is a simple explanation for these services offered.

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