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We love the idea of loft living! Open-concept designs with large windows and high ceilings (not to mention separate bedrooms from communal spaces – so great for hosting!). Here’s our favourite loft options:

1. Add ColourColourfulLoft1

  • We love the orange shipping container in the left image! This is such a unique idea and breaks up the space so nicely. We love the combination of orange and grey!
  • We love how the second image has transformed a space with a simple coat of paint. It adds so much interest and could be completed in a single afternoon.
  • Adding bright furniture is such a great way to bring colour into a space. Although it feels a bit scary, and rather permanent, a bright sectional sofa like this can be broken up with neutral cushions and accessories.

2. IndustrialIndustrialLoft

  • We love these two spaces so much! Loft spaces tend to lean towards having an industrial feeling naturally. We think it’s a great idea to play this up!
  • Adding dark wood stains and colours like in the left image create a great moody space.
  • Alternately, the brighter grey and light wood tones add a lot of life to this space. We think both options are great!

3. Modern RusticModernRustic1

  • We like amalgamating two styles into one; Scandinavian minimal and modern. We are calling this look “Modern Rustic”.
  • Choosing mid-century details like hairpin legs, and a neutral colour palette nod to a Scandinavian design.
  • Adding in pieces like a natural wood table, and a worn-in cabinet like in the right image play up the rustic side.

4. ContemporaryContemporary

  • This is our personal favourite here at Flüff as our style of design is quite contemporary.
  • Sticking to a mostly white palette will create a great contemporary space. Adding in touches of black or grey works as well.
  • These spaces feel very bright and open as lots of light is let in and bounced off the white walls.

We have seen some great lofts in Vancouver, and some great New Yorker lofts on the internet. We can’t wait to stage our next loft, how about you?

Jordan Feature // Jordan – Marketing & Media, Bandit Pillows

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