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We’re still in love with bright furniture here at Flüff. We ordered some colourful chairs recently and thought we’d show you how we’ve used them!

We know using bright furniture can be daunting. When bringing colour in the home, we usually recommend doing this with accessories like cushions or vases – something affordable! That way you don’t feel bad replacing the item in a years time if you want to change colours. But we think that embracing colour is a great idea! With a neutral rug and smaller accompanying furniture, we think bright furniture works so well. Especially if you choose a classic style, you’ll love it for years to come.Chairs1We love the fur throw with this blue occasional chair. The touch of chrome adds a modern feel to this space. This bright orange chair is a head-turner, but is balanced out with white and the concrete flooring.chairs2This pink chair was quite the shock when we first unopened it. The fabric was much brighter than what was on the supplier website. However, this is my favourite chair we have in inventory! It’s plush, feminine and modern. The white and chrome compliment the modern style of the chair. This yellow chair, with the over-sized floor vases, and graphic art, would look great in a reading room. We think impactful colours like this should be considered in smaller spaces in the home. Again, adding a solid like white or black will break the colour up.

Although the idea of using colouful furniture can be quite terrifying at first, we think it can look amazing in any home. Remember to consider the entire colour palette (picking neutrals, or maybe another bright colour, to mix), pick coordinating art, and remember to add in chrome or gold accessories and greenery!

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