Weekend Recap 03/27

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As many of you have noticed, the staging and design industry is booming lately! With the long hours worked, we think it’s important to cherish your weekends and fit lots of activities in. Here’s a weekend recap of what we did:

Vancouver International Auto ShowWeekend Recap (5 of 7)This was such a fun event! It was well organized and easy to navigate. We saw tons of cars; old, new, and odd. We loved this Alfa Romeo!Weekend Recap (3 of 7)They had some great revamped old cars like this 1936 Auburn supercharged convertible sedan!

The BeachHipsister Creative (2 of 2)When it rains, the last thing you see yourself doing is walking on the beach. But that’s the best time to go! It wasn’t too cold out Saturday, and the seawall was empty! Tiyana (pictured) just moved here from the East Coast. She was very excited to be on a beach in March.

Shane bought cool mugs!HC-Film-March2015-25Shane, the Warehouse Warrior here at Fluff, always manages to find the best things on Etsy. He recently found some great Fenton pieces, and these two great Fire-King Mugs! He is so knowledgeable about vintage collectables and loves to teach us all about the process.

Everybody enjoyed their time with friends and, of course, some R&R! What did all of you do last weekend?

Jordan Feature // Jordan – Marketing & Media, Bandit Pillows

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