Colourful Sofas, we couldn’t agree more!

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We recently spotted this article on Apartment Therapy about colourful sofas. As you know, we are huge fans of colourful furniture here at Fluff. Take a look at the article below, and the great colourful sofas we have ordered!

Colourful Sofas – Cool

We love these cool-toned sofas seen on the Apartment Therapy blog post. They’re bright, but the rooms look very cohesive.


Here’s a look at the amazing Emerson Sofa from Joybird Furniture that we will be carrying in less than a week!

Warm Sofa

We LOVE these two sofa options. Partially for the always-cool LC, but mostly for these great tufted bright sofas.


Here’s our buttery yellow, tufted sofa called the Hughes, also available at Fluff next week.

Colourful Sofas – Warm

These three options are plush yet totally modern looking. We love the pink one in the middle.


We know these aren’t sofas. but we couldn’t resist sharing these orange chairs with you.

We hope this served up a ton of inspiration for you today. We are sure excited about our bright sofas and chairs arriving in less than a week. If you’re in the Vancouver area, come take a look!

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