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We love a good gallery wall. With all the amazing graphic prints, photographs, and original art available these days, what better way to display a collection!? Here’s some gallery wall ideas to get you started.

Pick a StyleGallery1We love these dark, industrious looking gallery walls. The art itself is dark and moody, but we love the dark walls too! It’s important to think of a theme for the art, one that will suit the rest of your home.

Pick a Colour PaletteGallery4Similar to working within a theme, sticking to a colour scheme is sure way to make your gallery wall look great. You can pick a few key colours, or work with cool colours like the left image, or warm colours like the right image. It makes scattered gallery art look cohesive and polished.

Fill Empty Space vs Focal PointGallery2There are two reasons to create a gallery wall. One is to fill void space on a wall. Think – in a corner nook, a narrow kitchen wall, above the toilet in a bathroom. Gallery walls can be a great way to create a fluid styled home. The second reason is to create a focal point. Gallery walls have such impact, choosing bright art, overlapped, like in the right image, creates a lot of impact. Take over an entire wall, even leaning images on the floor!

The More the MerrierGallery3Although this is a little busy for our taste, we love these clusters of art. The left image did a great job of adding inspiration to an otherwise boring room in the home. This is where you’ll likely start your day, why not have a bolt of colour and inspiration! This space is amazing!! This collection has been styled to perfection. The blue and gold accents are such a great pairing. This workspace would sure give a person a lot of inspiration.

Entryways Gallery5We like the idea of gallery walls for an entryway space. The first thing you see when entering a home can make a big impact. Why not make a good first impression with walls like these? The collection of typographical and photography prints on the left look great together. We also love these minimal, coastal inspired prints on the right. They look great paired with airy plants and vases.

We hope this post has given you some gallery wall ideas to try in your own home. Which is your favourite wall featured here!?

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