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One living room piece that we are obsessed with is not what you would expect. We love…coffee table trays! Here’s why:

They really ground a living room, they draw the eye to the center of the room. They’re a great way to house items while remaining organized looking. There are many ways to decorate your coffee table tray, here’s just a few of our favourites.


We love to use a stack of old books or magazines on a tray. Of course you’ll need your reading glasses too! An absolute must on any tray is a piece of greenery or flowers.


This is not only charming, but very practical. A tray is a great way to display some drinks and goodies for guests coming over. This tray certainly adds a pop of colour to the room!


Sometimes a tray doesn’t need to serve a purpose, it just needs to look good! We love using a curated grouping of accessories on a tray to add interest to the room. We love this mix of rustic wood and polished metal.

Try playing with a few of these options in your living room! Trays can be found in any decor store and come in options from wood, to metal, to acrylic and more!

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