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I recently traveled around Europe and compiled a lot of tips and tricks, which I will be sharing with you soon! For today’s post, I’m going to share some images from the trip. I took almost 300 film shots, and many digital ones as well. Here’s my Europe recap:


The number one thing I noticed is the beautiful old architecture. We don’t have anything like it here in Vancouver, it was so interesting to see. There are magnificent, ornate buildings that you see tons of young people living in. This architecture is so common in European countries that it’s affordable to everybody. Almost all the building have high ceilings and over-sized windows.


Another interesting thing is how people navigate these cities. In Amsterdam there is an unfathomable amount of bicycles, in Berlin there’s mostly metro trains, in Prague there’s streetcars, and Paris there’s so many scooters and motorcycles! I’ve never seen so many on the road at once. It’s a cheaper way to get around the city, and to avoid the heavy, heavy, traffic. I especially loved this pink one!


This was the most beautiful church I have ever seen! They were scattered all over Prague, but this church in Budapest was remarkable. You have to the climb the Buda Hills to get to it, which was a very hot and sweaty experience this time of year. So you really appreciate this view once you arrive.


This structure in Paris was so ornate. The Arc de Triomphe is on the Champs-Élysées and was constructed in 1806. You could climb up it, but I enjoyed the view below it!


I fell in love with this one area in Berlin called Mitte. There are street performers everywhere. There’s also many parks and riverbanks to sit along and have a drink (it’s legal there!!). There are many pockets around this area to have a relaxing sit down and enjoy the surroundings.


My number one favourite spot I saw was the outdoor flea market in Berlin! It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen, with rows and rows of stalls selling, antique furniture, records, clothes, and food! These two women were knitting and drinking tea near a Hungarian food stall at the market. This row of mirrors is just an example of the great finds at this market. If I lived here I would have bought everything! I limited myself to a hat and sunglasses (took a lot of restraint).

I hope this inspires you to plan a European getaway! These countries are unlike anything found in Canada. There are such gems hidden in each of these cities I went to. I can’t wait to discover them again. Stay tuned for our European City Guide soon!

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