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With the amount of staging projects we move in and out of our warehouse in a week, we consider ourselves moving pros! Here are Fluff Designs moving tips:


  • Spread out the weight

This seems like an obvious thing, but you’d be surprised how many times people put all of their books in one box. When packing up a room, try to balance out the weight by placing heavy books in the bottoms of a few boxes, then place your accessories and items on top!


  • Place items inside another item

To save on space when packing up a bedroom, pack smaller items like undergarments, socks and scarves inside items like hats and shoes to save on space. Another great packing tip for the bedroom is to roll clothing items. It saves a TON of space, and keeps garments wrinkle free.



  • Hire a reputable moving company and book in advance.

It’s so important to hire a reputable moving company. We’ve had clients request cheaper movers in the past and every time we had wished we went with our regular companies. It’s also important to book the move as SOON as you know you’ll need it. Don’t leave it until last minute as moving companies book up (even the bigger ones that have fleets of trucks).


  • Label furniture as well as your boxes. Have a game plan for where your furniture will be going so the movers can efficiently unload items. Most companies charge hourly, so saving on time will help you in the end too!


This goes without saying, purge as many items as you can beforehand. Toss items that you are humming and hawing over. Any clothes you haven’t worn, notes jotted down on papers, unused childrens toys and tools.

We hope your moves go well this month. Try our tips and let us know how it goes!

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