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Kitchen spaces can be tricky for storage, especially in rentals. We’ve pulled inspiration images for our favourite ways to adapt for lack of kitchen storage. Take a look!


Appliances can look great on countertops, especially if they’re in a fun colour! Pick most used appliances to display, and add nice canisters full of cooking and baking supplies to complete the look!


Play with colour. When using exposed shelves to house your kitchen items, be sure to pick nice printed and colourful pieces. It makes a huge difference in a kitchen!

industrial shelving

We love the look of using industrial shelving and storage containers in kitchens. These are often affordable options to use as secondary storage in a kitchen. We’ve been seeing these wire baskets a lot lately, and we love them!

stacked dishes

Stack dishes to save on space. Getting multiples of the same piece will allow items to be vertically stacked to save on shelving space. We also love the idea of installing crates like in the right image. They act as great storage and look amazing!

Try these tricks around your home and let us know how they go! We can’t wait to tweak our own spaces to maximize on our kitchen storage space.

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