Ways to Decorate a Kitchen

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We all want our kitchens to be practical and efficient, but also look pretty! We think you can accomplish both in one piece. The team at Fluff have come up with 7 ways to decorate a kitchen. Take a look!

1) Using Storage Canisters


We think this is the number one way to make a kitchen look beautiful and be functional. These canisters are SO awesome, we want them all. Grouped together or alone, we think these are the solution to cupboard clutter.

2) Marble Accents


While this is more about the aesthetic than a storage solution, we think marble should be in every kitchen! We’ve seen tons of marble kitchen storage pieces in stores lately. From jars, to cutting boards, to these beautiful backsplashes, we know there’s a marble piece for every budget.

3) Displaying Cooking Oils


Oils are usually stored in a kitchen cupboard, but they are so bulky and space consuming. We think displaying them is a way better option. These oils come in amazing packaging already, but if yours don’t, invest in a glass oil container to display. We like grouping the oil with other often-used products such as salts and other spices.

4) Use Trays!


We love, love, love trays for many spaces in the home (coffee tables, bedside tables, and now even the kitchen!). These two trays have such a fun design that would really stand out in a kitchen. We feel a DIY coming along here. We’ve seen wooden trays in craft stores like Michael’s (or you could find an older tray at a thrift store) and line the inside with a scrap piece of wallpaper.

5) Utensil Storage


Often tossed in a drawer, later getting stuck when trying to open said drawer, utensils are super annoying to store. We absolutely love the idea of housing utensils in a jar like these two spaces did.

6) Cutting Boards


Cutting boards are a kitchen item that are bigger and harder to store, especially if you live in a smaller space. These cutting board options are so nice that we would want to pile them on a countertop. We think you could even put a hook on the wall and hang them there if you didn’t want to have them leaning. Either way, it’s a great way to save storage space for more important/less pretty things.

7) Bring in greenery


Oh my gosh, we love this greenery in the kitchen! What a great way to grow herbs, and have them right there to use! It adds some brightness and life to these white-wash kitchens. We also love the mounted crates in the right image.

Again, some of us Fluffians are going to try these in our new homes August 1st. We can’t wait to show you all the outcome! Stay tuned.

Jordan Feature // Jordan – Marketing & Media, Bandit Pillows

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