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We view property every day at Fluff, and we see many great (and not so great) design choices. Here’s our top three design mistakes seen in homes.


Hanging art too high is the number one mistake we see in homes. We see art hung a few inches below the ceiling line. Art should be hung at eye-level and no higher!


Another common design mistake is filling a room with furniture and decor items. We’ve drawn up two examples of living room layouts to try in your home.



This living room space works well because it seats many, but feels spacious.


We love this layout for a compact condo space. The focal point is the fireplace, and the wall on the patio is kept bare.


The third design mistake we often see is picking bad paint colours. Please, please, please don’t paint your walls bright colours! Even creams and beige are bad in our books. We love eggshell whites, and light and dark greys. We have a fan-deck of Fluff’s favourite paint colours. Swing by the warehouse to pick yours up!

We hope this explains which design mistakes we think are the worst. These things are easily preventable, and changeable! Avoiding these three mistakes can make a huge difference in your home. Having a balanced home is inspiring and enjoyable to live in.

Jordan Feature // Jordan – Marketing & Media, Bandit Pillows

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