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For today’s blog post, we’ve picked some examples of great interior design and broken down why they work. Take a read below!



This space is an efficient use of space thanks to the floating shelves. We also love how much storage this desk offers. The whole office set up works on a narrow length of wall. Perfect for any compact condo space.


This micro loft office space is beautiful and functional. The added greenery really brightups up the space. We also like the gold desktop organizers, like the metal basket. There are some great storage options available these days.  A great way to save space is to invest in compact devices like this printer. Technology has advanced so much. New devices are cheap, and smaller in size than ones even two years ago!



We love this layered look. It’s cozy and bright. We love mixing decor pieces with stored objects like on these shelves. It adds a lot of interest! We also like that the desk has minimal objects on it.


This small studio space would be great in a storage closet or spare room. Bar carts are a great storage solution for craft supplies, papers, really anything! The clamped desk lamp also saves a ton of space.



This is my favourite space! I love the wire brackets on the shelving. The stacked storage boxes contain mess and look good while doing so. We also love the leaning art on the floor. It’s a pretty unconventional way to display art, but we think it’s really unique and works well. This runner rug suits this space perrectly too!


Which tips will you use in your home?

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  1. Patti says:

    I love the idea of going vertical in a small space especially for storage. Great ideas!

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