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We recently connected with Paul Yacht, creator of Innit Designs. This wonderful company produces the iconic Acapulco Chairs (one of my personal favourites – I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to this style).  We chatted with Paul about design and how the company got started.


Stretched and wrapped vinyl over treated steel frames, these beauties are great for the indoors or outdoors (and available in a ton of colours!). We see these chairs everywhere – Pinterest, local restaurants, international hotels. We wanted to know more about the man behind the design, Paul! When we first met, I learned about him working in the Toronto film industry to living in Mexico, learning to surf (#goals).  Here’s his journey:

Fluff: How did you get into making the infamous “acapulco chairs”? What work lead you to create Innit Designs?
Paul: I’ve always had an artistic streak but tried to focus on things that were functional as well. I got into design while I worked in the Toronto film industry building sets. I became familiar with the market; the furniture styles that were available in boutique shops. While living in Mexico in 2002, I opened up Cinemar, a bookstore/surf shop that also had a cinema. I came across a design style using woven vinyl on steel frames. I loved the design and interpreted the most popular design in the area, the Acapulco chair (also known as the huevo, or concha). I brought samples I created to boutiques in Toronto. I sold half a container right away. I knew I was onto something. I then took them to a trade show in New York and was biting my nails worried that the design community had seen these before. They hadn’t, and at that moment I feel like I introduced USA and Canada to Mexico’s most iconic furniture design.
Fluff: Which is your favourite style in your product line?
Paul: The Puerto Stool, specifically the ones for the Standard Hotel Miami. We really perfected the design for that collaboration.
 Fluff: What’s your favourite way your “Innit” chairs have been used?
Paul: Vicky Lam’s photo for Toronto Life Magazine from about two years ago. It had an awesome kaleidoscope kind of look. Of course, seeing many of them in one place makes me really happy.


Fluff: What influences you in your design decisions?
Paul: At this point I’m trying to look at products that don’t exist but should. I’d like to become more of an inventor than a designer!
Fluff: Finally, Where do you see the company going in the next 5 years? Moving into other case goods?
Paul: Developing the product line much more significantly and building contracts with more hotels, restaurants, and bars. These are two new perches – for beside restaurant or cafe tables for handbags, hats, and jackets.
It’s awesome to hear what Paul has planned for the next few years. He started out putting these chairs in a small bar, and now they’re in many international bars and hotels. It’s amazing to see the growth this company has, and his passion for keeping his business local. The American materials are all assembled in his Toronto factory. We’re impressed that his production hasn’t moved overseas with how popular this style is. Kudos to you Paul and good luck on your future ventures.


Jordan Feature // Jordan – Marketing & Media, Bandit Pillows

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