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We love the look of houseplants. However, most of the houseplants I buy die quickly. I researched the best low maintenance houseplants for today’s post.

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera plants are the best! They can be indoor or outdoor and are extremely drought resistant. Bonus – the sap from inside the leaves can be used to treat skin irritations and burns.


bright filtered sunlight.


Water well and allow it to thoroughly dry out before watering again. Often last 2-3 weeks before watering again.

Areca Palm


These palms usually reaches a height of 6-8 feet; outdoors they may be as tall as 25 feet. They’re generally inexpensive too! The only downside is that the bottom fronds turn yellow when they get older.


Bright indirect light. Too much light or direct sun burns the fronds and causes them to turn yellow.


Allow the top 1-2” of soil to dry out before watering. Never let it sit in water as this causes root rot.

Bamboo Palm


These palms do well in low-lit areas. They are typically 5-7 feet in height. NASA categorizes them as a clean air plant.


Bamboo palms can grow in bright indirect light, medium light, and low light.


Allow the top 1/3 of the soil of a Bamboo Palm to dry out before watering. Don’t allow to sit in water.

Bird of Paradise


This plant is slow growing are rarely bloom their signature flowers indoors.


Requires very bright light. Can be placed in direct sun


In the spring and summer soil should be moist but never soggy and needs less water in the fall and winter.

Cactus Plant


These are a popular pick for indoor houseplants as they require barely any care. There’s tons of shapes and size to choose from, some even have colourful flowers!


Cacti like bright indirect sunlight, ideally by a south-facing window.


Allow the soil completely dry before watering, then water deeply and thoroughly. Never allow cacti to sit in water.

Dracena Corn Plant

dracaena corn

These plants are easy to take care of as they’re tolerant of low light and missed waterings. Ensure there’s at least three canes at staggered heights in the pot when purchasing this plant – it will grow to be lush and full!


These plants grow best in medium to bright indirect light.


Let half to three quarters of the pot dry out before watering. They will die quickly from over-watering.

English Ivy Plant

english ivy

I personally think these are one of the best houseplants! You can hang them from the ceiling, let them grow on a lattice, or keep them in a pot. They come in over 100 colours and sizes and are listed as a “clean air plant” (a plant that can absorb toxins like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene).


These plants like bright indirect light but direct sun burns their leaves.


These plants commonly die from over-watering. Allow the top 25-30% of the soil to dry out before watering. Crispy leaves on an English Ivy Plant indicate over-watering not under-watering!!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficcus

fiddle leaf

Quite the mouthful this plant. I love the shape of these plants, they’re so distinct! Just be careful when working with this plant, the sap is very irritating to skin.


Fiddle Leaf’s like bright indirect sunlight. Insufficient light causes droopy leafs and poor regrowth. Make sure to turn these frequently to keep it growing straight.


Allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out and the leaves to become soft and flexible before watering. Keep water off of the large fiddle shaped leaves of this ficus to prevent mold.

Jade Plant

jade plant

Jade plants represent luck and fortune. They’re great as a table plant or short bush, so long as it’s in a sunny hot location. They even produce tiny star-shaped flowers around Christmas time.


These need very bright sunlight, especially to produce flowers.


As this plant is a succulent, it stores water like crazy! Do not over-water these plants!! They should completely dry out before watering. The lower leaves get soft or crinkly which indicates it’s ready for water!

Snake Plant

snake plant

These plants are literally almost impossible to kill. It thrives on neglect! They’re also listed as a clean air plant.


A Snake Plant can be placed anywhere in a room from the darkest corner to next to the brightest window. The better the light, the faster it will grow.


Over-watering is the only way to kill a snake plant. Let soil completely dry out before watering Snake Plants. In the winter, only water these plants once a month.

Yucca Plant

yucca plant

These are similiar to the dracaena plant mentioned earlier. They are very top heavy plants and need to be in a heavy clay or ceramic plant pot (or they may topple over!).


These grow best in bright indirect sunlight. A Yucca Plant will survive in lower light and will require very little water. The perfect spot for a yucc plant is near a west,east, or south-facing window.


These plants are from the deserts of Mexico and Guatemala so it likes to be kept dry. Allow at least the top 50% of the soil of a Yucca Plant to dry out before watering. Too much water will kill a Yucca Plant.

I definitely learned why a lot of my houseplants are dying through researching this post. We hope you learned a lot too! Most of these are very low maintenance house plants. Now it’s time to pick your favourite for your home. Happy hunting!

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