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Here at Fluff, we like to do design challenges with the staff. This week we challenged them to style a desk based off a piece of selected art. Check it out below!

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Two of our new staff selected art pieces for our designs to style a desk space around. Here’s what one of the designers created based off of their art choice!

retro glam

This “Retro Glam” desk space looks awesome! We love the gold and glass table (new-in at Fluff!). The mid-century chair ties into the wood of the wall, and sets the tone for a retro feel. We like that the use of multiple shades of blue. The lamp and bar tray add a glam look to the space. We think this is a great nook to have a sip and enjoy a good book in.


This designer went a very modern route with this desk. The graphic black and white art set the tone for the desk space. The houndstooth and accessories tie into the graphic feel. The linear style of the desk and chair make the space feel modern. Of course, a touch of greenery adds life to a neutral desk space. We think this is a great space to get some focused work done.


Great job designers! Which one is your personal favourite?

Jordan Feature // Jordan – Marketing & Media, Bandit Pillows

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