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We had such a great weekend at IDSwest. It was nice connecting with new people, as well as showcasing Joybird Furniture. Here’s our IDSwest 2015 recap.

Home Staging Vancouver

Safety first! It was pandemonium, to say the least, installing at the convention center. Hundred of people were moving product in and out setting up their booths to look beautiful for the show. This is Beka making a safety vest look stylish (who knew)!

home staging vancouver

We loved how our Joybird Furniture popped on the flooring that Frontier Luxury supplied to us. The vibrant colours really pair great with this washed out flooring (which was super easy to install – you literally just lay it down…it doesn’t even shift around!).

home staging vancouver

Our lovely staff working the booth. Marlon and Kristy made our Joybird tees look super stylish. We hope you got to chat to these two this weekend!

home staging vancouver

We also got to stage the VIP lounge at the Design Stage. We picked the same bright colours that were in the IDS marketing this year.

home staging vancouver

You couldn’t miss the Caesarstone swings designed by Philippe Malouin as you entered the show. These were so fun to see! Especially after people had a few drinks at the opening party.

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A must-see was the Gray Magazine stage. How great are those hanging pendant lights?

home staging vancouver

There was a capoeira performance by the Design Stage that went right past our booth. These young kids were really talented, and an unexpected treat to see at the show.

home staging vancouver

These giant lit-up signs were amazing! We think we should get a “Fluff” sign made, what do you think? 😉

home staging vancouver

It was great to see Tommy Smythe around IDSwest this year. This was him getting interviewed near our booth. He later presented on the design stage, and had some informative things to say.

home staging vancouver

We felt as though the booths were extra special this year. The styling and thought put into the design of them was brilliant. We loved the floor pillows from Jan Kath.

home staging vancouver

The ever-beautiful Dinner by Design table settings for 2015. We think polished rustic looks are so big right now, and these two designs were a great showcase of that.

All-in-all, this weekend was such a fun time. We met some of the nicest people, most talented designers, industry leaders, and new local companies we’d never met before! We hope you got to see our Joybird Furniture. And if you didn’t, please pop by our showroom any time to see! See you next year!

Jordan Feature // Jordan – Marketing & Media, Bandit Pillows

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