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We love the idea of having all-white interiors. But if not executed properly, a white aesthetic can look sterile. Here’s Fluff’s tips for avoiding this:

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Mixing in the right pieces and accents is crucial when creating an all-white space. Certain areas in the home suit this style more than others.


A clean looking dining area is something everyone should strive for. Having an all-white decorated space automatically gives off that impression. Although white may seem like a poor choice for an area with food and drinks, if you pick the right pieces and materials you’ve got nothing to worry about! These plastic molded Eames Eiffel and Bucket Chairs are the perfect examples. Red wine is easily wiped off plastic! Plus the light wood accents pop in a neutral space.


The bedroom is also an area that looks great in head-to-toe white. Most bedrooms have oversized windows with tons of daylight. Waking up in a room full of radiant light really makes it easier to get up in the morning! New bedding is one of the more affordable things to buy for your home as well. Why not try adding a new white duvet and sheet set to your space? (For our Vancouver readers, we recommend finding these at HomeSense, the number one place to score cheap bed linens!).


Add bedside decor with gold accents as it pops against the white. Another nice touch is adding fresh cut flowers. It creates such an inspiring atmosphere!


We know how risky a white sofa seems. If we’re being totally honest with ourselves, we eat snacks on the sofa more often than we’d like to admit. Picking a fabric like micro-suede or a woven polyester is a great choice if you’re going for a white sofa. These fabrics are easily cleaned. We use Folex here at the warehouse to clean spots when they do happen. This stuff works wonders!


These white spaces look clean yet interesting because of the added greenery and black accents.


These all-white home offices look beautiful! We think they would be super inspiring spaces for getting work done.


If an entirely white home seems like too much for you, try a grouping of white accents. Fresh white flowers on a white tray can be used anywhere in the home. This second grouping would be great on any vanity or dresser.


As we mentioned above, adding some gold really brightens up a space. We love the cheetah print pillows too!


Grey is another nice accent colour for all-white. It softens up the look while maintaining a Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic.

This look works for any household, whether you have children, pets, or a picky roommate. Choosing the right materials and pieces is crucial to making this work. If you’re unsure if items will work for your lifestyle, ask the store about the product. Most company’s have information on things being pet and kid friendly, and their washability.

Jordan Feature // Jordan – Marketing & Media, Bandit Pillows

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