Choosing Art for your Home

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Picking art can be overwhelming, as there’s endless options in the market. Here’s a list of styles to help you in choosing art for your home.

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We love graphic and painterly art at Fluff. It works for any home, no matter what your style is. We love how these two pieces pop in these living rooms.

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Minimal art can speak volumes. These bright and neutral spaces suit minimal art, as it isn’t distracting or too attention drawing.

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We love these simple pieces of art. They both add just the right amount of colour and design.

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We are big fans of wall art at Fluff. We use a piece in almost every project. Big or small, it really works anywhere.

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Photography is a great option for adding impact to a space. There are tons of talented photographers out there, and there’s a wide-range of prices!

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Sometimes you don’t need art to complete a room! We love the idea of grouping mirrors, art, and accessories together. This works on the credenza in the left, and on the mantle in the right.

We hope this helps in your hunt for art. What’s your favourite style?

Jordan Feature // Jordan – Marketing & Media, Bandit Pillows

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