How to Create a Bright Home in 4 Steps

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Creating a beautiful and spacious feeling home is crucial. We’ve broken down some spaces to show you how to create a bright home in 4 steps.

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  1. Pick a classic style like the Eames Bucket Chair in white with light wood
  2. Add fresh flowers to brighten up a room
  3. Copper accents adds a sense of sheen
  4. Having a single dark element grounds the space

Dining space seen here on Design Sponge

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  1. These diner-style lights have an airy feel
  2. Minimal designs looks grounded without feeling clunky
  3. Add bright colours for a pop
  4. Choose light coloured furniture like this Mexican-inspired woven chair

Seen here on The Citizenry

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  1. Frame art in light coloured frames
  2. Stack bright coloured magazines and books
  3. Choose mid-tone furniture
  4. This woven side chair feels airy yet comfy with the added fur

Cozy nook space seen here SF Girl by Bay

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  1. Puddling neutral toned curtains has a breezy feel
  2. Don’t sway away from dark colours, this velvet sofa brights up the space
  3. The soft fur has an inviting feel, and looks great in white
  4. The printed rug ties in the other furniture perfectly

Living room seen here on The Design Files

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  1. Add tropical plants; they clean the air and look great
  2. This light sofa is perfect for this space, and comfy!
  3. We love this white leather pouf
  4. The little bit of detail on this soft rug adds interest

Living room seen here on Glitter INC

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  1. Fiddle-leaf Ficus plants are a great choice and are easy to take care of
  2. This modern-day disco ball is beautiful
  3. Mix in brightly coloured decor pieces
  4. The Bertoia chair keeps the space looking spacious

Dining room seen here on Design Sponge

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  1. Pick light wall colours to bounce light
  2. This minimalist light fixture is perfection
  3. Wicker chairs add enough dimension to the space
  4. The classic tulip table is often seen in white or marble and has a light feel

Eating nook seen here on Trendenser

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  1. This contemporary sofa looks great in light grey
  2. The added bright cushions pop against the sofa
  3. Tie in the colours with fresh flowers in the colour palette
  4. Bright rugs are bold, but work so well

Bright living room seen here on Desire to Inspire

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  1. Black and white prints have a graphic feel that suit the whitewall and floor paint
  2. This mid-century table has a minimal design which works with the dark stain
  3. The rug pairs with the cushion print
  4. This side cupboard is great! Add bright accessories on top like this lamp.

Patterned living room space seen here on Minha Casa Minha Cara

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  1. We love these gold lights! They add some sparkle and shine
  2. Pick fun, colourful art to create a playful feel
  3. These patterned pillows stand out against the light sofa
  4. The collapsible white table is a great option for a smaller space

Cozy living room seen here on VSCO

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  1. We love this faux stag head! The white and gold is a classic pairing
  2. The colourful record player looks great in the corner nook
  3. The velvet pillows pop on the cream sofa
  4. A waterfall table is perfect for creating a bright space

Colourful living room seen here on The Every Girl

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