Simple Ways to Update your Walls

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We’ve all had to deal with the beige walls of a rental unit (the worst)! Here are some simple ways to update your walls and transform your living space.

Wall Decals

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Wall decals are a very easy way to update your walls. You can buy them pre-made from numerous sources, but this option was made with black hockey tape.

Chalkboard Paint

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Most renters are allowed to paint walls. Why not transform a kitchen space by painting it with chalkboard paint? It can always be painted white at the point of moving out.

Chalk Pen Design

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Create your own pattern by using a chalk pen marker. These are often water based and able to be wiped off with a magic eraser later.

Temporary Wallpaper

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Tempaper is an amazing product that allows you to transform your walls with wallpaper, without having the irritating take down process. It’s a little bit pricier, so it’s a good option for a smaller accent wall.

Peel and Stick Tile

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This is a great way to give your rental that luxe feel. Peel and stick tiling is cheap and comes in endless options.


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If you’re feeling crafty, you could make your own bead or floral garland to spruce up your walls. It adds depth and interest to neutral-toned walls.


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Adding a mirror of any size tranforms a space, but we love these Ikea hex mirrors the most. You can create your own pattern, and they come in different colours!

Our favourite update is the peel and stick tiling, what’s yours?

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