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We think it’s crucial to know your rugs before purchasing one. But with the endless available options, this can be tricky! Check out our rug style guide below:

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We love hide rugs, as you can see from our recent blog post here. They look great in these dramatic rooms, and are extremely low maintenance.


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Knit rugs are a great unique option to add to a room. If you’re feeling really up for it, you can DIY these rugs. Check out instructions here.


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We love a good flatweave rug. They tend to stay clean longer as they have no pile. We love the left option from Target! See a similar option here.


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This is my personal favourite style of rug. The bold colour combinations are stunning. We love the traditional colour mixes as well as new versions like the navy and pink rug. Check out some major inspiration on Pinterest.


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We adore Persian rugs. There are options in a full range of budgets. We love faded antique ones like the left image. We love the colours of the right rug. It completes the space perfectly. There are some great options at Ikea. See some here, but there’s many more colourful options in-store.

We hope this helps you find the perfect rug for your home!


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