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As the year comes to an end, we’re starting to think about our 2016 goals. Goal setting is an important tool to help you achieve major milestones in your life. Without them, we really wouldn’t get anywhere! We know many people don’t know how to goal set, so we’ve supplied some tips on how to get going.

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Using a simple online program, like XMind, can really speed up your process. Create a mind map of EVERY idea or thing that interests you. You’ll be surprised by some of the things you write down!


Sort your goals into sections. This will make accomplishing your goals much easier. Some categories the Fluff staff use are; health & wellness, travel, relationships.


List the ways to accomplish individual goals. For example, if your goal is to exercise more, write down steps like; try a drop-in yoga class, go for one run per week, or try a new form of exercise like swimming!


It’s crucial to set deadlines so you can check in on your progress. If your goal is to work out more in 2016 and you only start in December, you haven’t really accomplished much. Make deadlines realistic so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by your goals.


It’s been proven that sharing your goals with someone results in you accomplishing more of them. Being held accountable by a friend or family member means you’ll follow through. Grab coffee with a friend and share your lists.


We believe you should check in weekly, monthly, and quarterly with your goal list to ensure you’re on the right path. Making a list of goals isn’t beneficial unless you check-in and complete them.


Accomplishing a goal is a huge thing, and should be celebrated! Grab a glass of wine, enjoy some junky take-out, treat yourself to a massage. You deserve it!

We hope these steps help you start and complete your goals. Start brainstorming your 2016 goals now so that you can create a solid action plan for the new year.

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