How to Incorporate a Vintage Sofa

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We love the idea of adding a vintage sofa to a contemporary space. It adds a ton of interest, but there are some key tips to follow in order to make this style work.

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The key to working with a vintage sofa is to keep the rest of the space looking polished and modern. This all white and black space really complements the tufted navy velvet sofa. This space still has an overall vintage flair to it, but looks current and cohesive thanks to it’s colouring and glossy accents. home staging vancouver

This pink velvet sofa works great in this mid-century styled space! We love it paired with the soft blue and orange. The colours pop against the all-white shelving and wall paint. This compact living room is perfectly styled.

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This pale blue sofa with gold trim suits this mid-western living room so much! It has a tailored feel but doesn’t look too stuffy. We like the bold textiles they incorporated to break up the vintage feel.

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This deep blue sofa looks great with the touch of silver trim. The fun glittery print in the back ties in the colours. The mix of printed pillows keeps this space young and fresh!

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This punch of pink is perfect for any modern apartment. Being small, it’s a great option for a compact condo or apartment. The graphic cushions and art really complete the space.

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We are obsessing over this industrial space. Firstly, exposed brick is always great. Secondly, the gold and mirrored accents add a touch of sheen to the space. Thirdly, we want this sofa.

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This acid green vintage sofa adds vibrancy to this space. We love it paired with the Turkish rug, rustic table, and colourful gallery wall. Of course, adding a palm tree is always a good idea.

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Although it goes against instincts, sometimes creating a brightly coloured monochromatic space can feel more neutral. This printed sofa is gorgeous, but could overtake a room easily. By pairing it with a pale pink wall, the space is toned down and relaxing!

If you have a vintage sofa at home, try these tips to improve your interior styling! Now we’re on the hunt for one!!

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