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As 2016 rolls in, we’re considering all changes that can be made to improve our lives. One area we want to focus on is the home! Here are our tips for updating your space into a new home.


This is one of the biggest changes you can make! Get rid of old papers, unused children’s toys, ill-fitting clothes, and decor pieces that are collecting dust. This is a great starting off point for creating a new home. Don’t be afraid to throw out sentimental objects, clutter is clutter.

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Donate, Re-gift, Consign

Organize items into where they will go next ie. to a charity shop, to friends, or to a consignment service. We like to take most items to our local charity shop, but some of the bigger pieces are able to be consigned. If you’re a Vancouver local, try taking your items to Turnabout Home, or through local Craigslist and Facebook groups!

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If you’re not loving the flow of your home, try to rearrange some items. Often times, improvements can be made in a room to better this. Try changing around your seating arrangements, or adding more storage to create a cleaner looking space.

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Use tools like “The Make Room Planner” to create layouts like this! It allows you to try different ways to rearrange your furniture in a more efficient way. Check out Apartment Therapy’s “5 Rules for Arranging Furniture” here.

Invest in New Pieces

With money earned from selling unused pieces, treat yourself to something you’ve been eyeing for ages. Many great brands offer designer-looking pieces for less. Try CB2, West Elm, and quality mid-century shops like Attic Treasures in Vancouver.

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Coffee table and pig bookends from CB2.

Enjoy Your Belongings!

So many times people save their special things for who knows what occasion. We all have a pile of beautiful notebooks, candles, art, and a China set that sit there unused. Use your special things! After all, they are just things and can always be replaced. Make your home a lived-in home.

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Try these tips to achieve a new home in the new year. Check out our other post showcasing 10 ways to update your home and another showing DIY home improvements!

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