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Living in Vancouver, we are surrounded by beautiful west coast design. But, how do you create a coastal interior? Here are the key ways to create the perfect west coast home.

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Tip number one…pick the right finishes.

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Image: Tracey Ayton

Coastal homes feature wood, neutral coloured tiling and wall paint, and simple cabinetry.

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Image: My Scandinavian Home + The Life Creative

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Mixing in raw concrete is also a great option!

The next thing to consider is the functionality of your home.

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Image: Desire to Inspire + Pinterest

A home must look and feel great. Create a cozy living room you want to spend time in. Both of these living rooms have such an inviting feel!

Mix in cool greys to create an edgier feel

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Image: EST + Pinterest

The dark stools tie in the dark details like the contrasting grout, and the slate countertop. Paired with the warm woods, these kitchens still have a warm west coast feel.

Add plants

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Image: Desire to Inspire + Hannah Blackmore Photography

Adding greenery is crucial in any home. West coast Californian homes often have tropical plants inside, where maple trees are more typically seen in Vancouver.

Consider a rustic touch

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Image: Desire to Inspire + Wit&Delight

West coast modern always has a softer feel than traditional modern homes. The mid-tone woods really break up the space. The brick work in the second is also a great touch! Don’t be afraid of adding some rustic detailing as it pairs perfectly with west coast style.

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Image: Home DSGN + Robson Rak

Rounded details
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Image: Cores Da Casa + Desire to Inspire

The rounded counter, and the rounded mirror offer a softer feel to these spaces. Thoughtful touches like this are what really make a space look complete.

Create a space for entertaining
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Image: Doherty Design Studio + Desire to Inspire

These warm kitchens look like the perfect places to host a weekend brunch. The mixed woods look perfect together!

Add some colour…

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Add touches of colour with art, cushions and rugs. We love using blues with mid-tone woods and greys.

Accessorize like a pro

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Image: Still Zitat + Fluff Designs

The leather drawer pulls and bundled wood side table complement coastal decor perfectly.


-Jordan, Marketing&Media

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