5 Decor Trends to Retire (And Try)

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Trends are a great way to add fun elements to your decor. However, they do have an expiration date! Here are the 5 decor trends to retire (and try) for 2016.


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Image: We Are Scout

RETIRE: We are sorry to the gallery wall lovers out there, but it’s time we let this trend fizzle out.

TRY: Oversized, like giant, art is already surfacing this year. We think this trend is going to be seen everywhere!


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Image: Tumblr

RETIRE: We love Scandinavian styling, but the sterile all-white look is shifting.

TRY: Mix in other neutrals and faded colours. We’ve even seen denim coming into the home!


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Image: 4Living 

RETIRE: This is a trend we loved. It flooded our Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, design stores, fast-fashion retailers, even thrift and vintage stores took note. It’s time we let other metals shine!

TRY: We’re seeing tons of black stainless steel finishes online. We love this sleek look, especially for kitchen appliances.


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Image: Brit Morin

RETIRE: We saw a lot of graphic tropical banana leaf, palm, and pineapple repeat prints last year. We even saw it used as permanent wallpaper like in this image! We recommend trying printed cushions before fully committing.

TRY: A soft floral, or animal print, never seem to go out of style. Pick neutral patterned wall finishes and play with daring textiles. It may seem less fun, but it’s a better long term option.


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Image: Domaine

RETIRE: Okay, we did like this trend. We like the looser feel happening in design right now. However, we saw these round hung mirrors everywhere.

TRY: Try more ornate shapes to add interest. We’ve seen some really interesting ones with more scalloped edges like this one from AllModern.


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Image: Flickr

RETIRE: Entire rooms done in a mid-century style feel too themed. We love teak, but not that much.

TRY: A teak coffee table, or mid-century sofa, mixed in with modern pieces looks great!


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Image: DomaineHome

RETIRE: We were so excited to see these rugs from our high-end suppliers on a buying trip. We quickly saw them get recreated by big retailers like IKEA done on the cheap.

TRY: Invest in a real Persian or Kilim rug and let it age with time. We know they’re expensive, but they’re an investment piece! Or, try a mixed woven neutral rug like this.


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Image: Pinterest

RETIRE: We tried the trend of taping art to walls with washi tape over and over. Each time it ripped our art.

TRY: We save this trend for hanging magazine clippings of fashion and decor ideas in our closets, and let our real art be framed and hung in all it’s glory.


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Image: Style Files

RETIRE: We saw a lot of rustic design last year. Although doing an entire space in this style is not a Flüff look, we like bringing in elements like a reclaimed coffee table.

TRY: Surprisingly, we’ve seen a Baroque and Rococo influence coming back in design. Check out our Pinterest board below to get inspired by this glam style.

Follow Flüff Design and Decor’s board Design Trend – GLAM//Baroque + Rococo on Pinterest.

Happy Decorating!


-Jordan, Marketing&Media

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