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When it comes to staging, the aim is to design a space that anyone could see themselves living in. This means choosing more neutral colours, patterns, and accessories. With interior design, there’s lots more room to play. Here’s quirky decor we love that inspired us, and hopefully you!

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Take a cue from these quirky vignettes that group the odd and wonderful together to create the perfect display. We love the hands and skeleton pieces grouped together.

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One part bizarre, one part chic, these small heads make you do a double take. We love the stack of monochromatic books, and the mid-century styling.

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The quirky accessories like the roman head, the wooden crab, and stag head, mixed with the sea of bright colours make these spaces stand out.

home staging vancouver

Mixed metals, skulls, and flowers bring life to these spaces. This is a simple, yet effective, way to spruce up your coffee table.

home staging vancouver

These colourful spaces draw you in thanks to their expertly placed paint. We love the pink floors!

home staging vancouver

These rainbow spaces may not be for everybody, but we like that they were bold with colour choice! The mix and match dining chairs are so unique!

home staging vancouver

These themed out kitchens are so kitsch and wonderful. The bright colours and busy patterns transform these spaces. We wonder what the rest of the interiors look like!


-Jordan, Marketing&Media

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