5 Tips For a Mindful Monday

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Getting your head focussed and ready for work can be a struggle come Monday morning. Here are 5 tips for a mindful Monday!


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It all starts in the kitchen. Treat yourself to a slow-paced morning ritual of tea and a healthy breakfast. Rushing out the door first thing Monday morning will set the tone for the entire week. Slow down and enjoy your morning.


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Keeping with the slower pace, take a couple of minutes to tidy up your space. Wipe down the table top, pick up any laundry from the floor, and make your bed. As easy as it is to roll out of your bed and go to work Monday mornings, taking a couple of extra minutes to tidy will make a huge difference.


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Local business owner’s, Chip and Shannon Wilson (founder’s of Lululemon and Kit and Ace), created an app to practice mindfulness and meditation. Try this app out to help you in your journey to mindfulness!

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Answer any unopened emails, respond to any missed texts or calls, clear your voicemail, and quickly check social media platforms. Start your week right by not creating a mental clutter of unanswered notifications.


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Take a moment in your work day to walk around the block a couple of times. Fresh air is a great way to clear a cramped headspace. It will leave you feeling a lot more focussed and ready to finish the task at hand.

We hope these 5 tips help you have a mindful Monday, and week!


-Jordan, Marketing&Media

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