Earth Day 2016

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Today is a special day – Earth Day 2016! Check out these simple tips to keep Mother Nature happy and clean:

How we make a happier earth at Flüff:


  • we only use eco-friendly dry cleaners to reduce environmental affects
  • we’ve digitalized our systems so we no longer need a paper trail


  • we reuse paper and bags when packing up projects
  • we reuse plastic totes and art boxes for projects


  • we’ve sourced companies that can recycle Styrofoam and hard plastics (which are otherwise not commercially recyclable).
  • we now compost which makes our garbage pile much smaller!

How you can make a happier earth at home:


  • try to use all that you have already, be it clothing, cans of food, toys and games
  • buy products with less packaging to reduce your garbage


  • pack food in reusable Tupperware
  • reuse grocery and produce bags when shopping at food shops


  • Composting is mandatory in Vancouver now, but consider implementing this efficient system if you live elsewhere!
  • Many stores, like H&M, Nike, Patagonia and, of course, Salvation Army, will take and fully recycle your unwanted clothes

Learn more about Earth Day 2016 here. We hope you spend this day out in nature enjoying all that the earth offers us. Plan a picnic and take trash with you, swim at the beach and remove plastic can holders, hike in the west coast trails and pick up any trash. Check out the events tomorrow at Stanley Park.


-Jordan, Marketing&Media

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