The Best Textile and Trim Shops in Vancouver

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Vancouver is a city all about local design. Whether you knit, sew, quilt or cut and paste, these are the best textile and trim shops in Vancouver.


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This emporium of textiles and goods is the go-to in Vancouver. From the endless amounts of ropes and fringes to the discount section downstairs, this place has something for everyone. Plus, their section of seasonal goods is massive.


home staging vancouverThis off-kilter fabric wholesaler is one hilarious experience. Neil, the owner, is a vivacious character who has endless knowledge of fabrics. He take the time to help you find what you need, and remembers your “usual order” when you come back. Be prepared for loud classical music and yelled Yiddish.


This notion and supply store recently moved out of its long-term space in East Vancouver to Burnaby. This company stocks absolutely everything you could need for home and industrial sewing and quilting. The best score there is the fusing and interfacing. It’s a third of the cost of many other stores!


home staging vancouver

Find tons of printed silks and boiled wool at this small shop. They have great deals on fabrics, but buy while you can as they don’t always restock.


home staging vancouverIf you’re in need of some super-cool buttons to finish off a piece, check out this shop that is filled to the brim with unique finds.


home staging vancouverWeather you’re searching for a small skin or complete hide, or maybe even industrial grommets and awls, lonsdale leather is the place to go.

We buy a lot of notions and trims from these local shops, as do local fashion designers! From the massive selection of textiles at Dressew to the patterned silks at Atex, we’re ready to get crafting.

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